‘Georgy Sviridov: Soul and Music of Romance’ concert takes place in Nur-Sultan

‘Georgy Sviridov: Soul and Music of Romance’ concert takes place in Nur-Sultan

His works skillfully combine the sophistication of classical music and the soulfulness of poetry. “Georgy Sviridov: Soul and Music of Romance” – a concert under such name took place at the Astana Opera Theater. The legendary Soviet composer who left an indelible mark in the history of musical art of the last century left behind a rich creative legacy. A subtle interpretation of his works on the poems of poets such as Yesenin, Pushkin, Lermontov, Blok and Isahakyan was performed by Honored Figure of Kazakhstan Azamat Zhyltyrkozov and mezzo-soprano Gulzhanat Sapakova. The piano part was performed by Dolores Umbetaliyeva.

“I really like to perform this composer. I was one of the first Kazakh residents to participate in the 5th Georgy Sviridov International Chamber Singers Competition. This competition has been going on since the 2000s. I was awarded the first prize at the 5th International Competition in 2014. Since then, I have very often, both in my concerts and at this evening, completely devoted myself to the work of Georgy Sviridov,” said Azamat Zhyltyrkozov, Opera Company Director, Astana Opera Theatre.

“The musical language of Georgy Sviridov is not simple, it is very complex. It should be presented very professionally, competently, so that the public understands the essence, the mood and the content. This is what makes the concert difficult, since Sviridov's works are rarely used throughout entire concerts,” said Dolores Umbetaliyeva, an accompanist, Astana Opera Theatre.


Translation by Ademi Serikbay

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova