Premiere of national opera-ballet ‘Kalkaman-mamyr’

Astana Opera hosted another long-awaited premiere. For the first time, the theater presented the national opera-ballet ‘Kalkaman-Mamyr’ for the guests and residents of the capital. Balnur Kydyrbek was the music composer of the unique production. As conceived by the scriptwriters, the play presents a timeless love story similar to Romeo and Juliet. The tale of lovers' separation has existed at all times. Therefore, the authors have no doubt that this opera will appeal to every spectator.

“The premiere is dedicated to the 165th birth anniversary of Shakarim Kudaiberdiuly because the opera-ballet ‘Kalkaman-Mamyr’ is based on his work. It is a story about impossible love. As we know, young Kazakh men were forbidden to marry girls from their clan up to the seventh generation. And this story is about that,” said Azamat Zheltyrguzov, Honored Figure of Kazakhstan.

“The production has been interpreted precisely for the modern audience. That’s why I think the plot of the play will be quite clear since absolutely everyone in the world understands the language of love,” Kydyrbek said.

The world of hate and the world of love were symbolically represented as stones and flowers on the theater stage. The performance has been thought out to the last detail. The main characters developed their unique image, which was conveyed by the talented theatrical dancers through their plastic movements. The production was staged by the famous opera director Yuri Alexandrov. Ballet dancers were joined by choral soloists and symphony orchestra musicians. The unique national performance was presented to the audience in Kazakh with simultaneous translations into English and Russian.