Doctors in Nur-Sultan use modern liver cancer treatment method

Doctors in Nur-Sultan use modern liver cancer treatment method

Kazakh doctors use a modern method of treating liver cancer. The peculiarity of the modern procedure lies in its non-invasiveness. Kazakhstan’s experience in chemoembolization is currently being adopted by colleagues from the neighboring countries.

Bagdal Saifolla is currently under medical supervision. He found out about his disease a year ago. For medical reasons, he had to undergo several medicamental procedures.

“I learned about my disease in 2021. I used to get treatment abroad. I did not know that it is possible to undergo this procedure free of charge in our country. Now I feel much better,” shared Saifolla.

“This is a unique and most effective method of treating oncological diseases. Such a surgery is carried out free of charge in Kazakhstan. Also, we transfer technology to the country’s regions. Our center has international accreditation, and colleagues from neighboring countries pay visits. We share our experience, doctors from Uzbekistan are here right now,” said oncologist Niyaz Malayev.

Over 35,000 new cases of cancer are registered annually in Kazakhstan. In the first half of 2022 alone, over 19,000 people with this disease have already been identified.