Kazakh Health Ministry sees improvement of population’s health indicators

The Kazakh Health Ministry sees an improvement of health indicators. Head of the office Azhar Giniyat reported that the country’s mortality rate dropped by almost 30 percent in 2022. The change in these and other indicators is positive, the minister said, and this is reflected in international rankings. Thus, over the past two years, Kazakhstan has climbed six points up in the global ranking for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. The country ranks 59th out of 193 countries today. During the Government hour in the Senate, Giniyat also spoke about maternal and child health measures. 11 modern perinatal centers that meet international standards will be built in Kazakhstan, she added.

“A new standard for prenatal ultrasound screening has been approved for pregnant women and children, including children at risk. Two early intervention centers have been opened for kids under 3 years of age with developmental disabilities and risks of their occurrence. This year, they started operating in the Almaty and East Kazakhstan regions. By the end of 2023, it is planned to open 13 more centers, covering more than 10,000 children,” Giniyat said.