Clinics in Kazakhstan fitted with advanced diagnostic equipment

Tomosynthesis, an innovative method of screening for breast cancer, is being used in Kazakhstan. This three-dimensional imaging technique is available in the leading hospitals of the country. Specialists at the x-ray department of the Medical Centre Hospital of the President’s Affairs Administration of Kazakhstan trained abroad to work with the new diagnostic equipment of the latest generation and have already accepted over 500 patients. Breast cancer is the most common oncological disease among women in the country. These disappointing statistics can be observed not only in Kazakhstan, but throughout the world. According to the WHO, in 2020, more than two million women were diagnosed with cancer.  Oncologists point out that the disease detected at an early stage is treatable. Therefore, it is impossible to overestimate digital assistants in this matter.

“The advantages of this device compared to conventional digital mammography are, firstly, that it gives the possibility to see the smallest images in the breast of young women. When glandular tissue predominates, and there are difficulties with conventional mammography, there is the possibility of missing something not because the doctor is incompetent but because of dense breast tissue. Here through a 0.5-millimeter slice, we can see all the layers, all the density of the mammary gland,” said Kyzylgul Smailova, chief of the x-ray department at the Medical Centre Hospital of Kazakh President’s Affairs Administration.