Kazakh scientists approve efficiency of mare’s milk

Mare’s milk was always highly valued by nomads of the Great Steppe, who used it to make beverages like saumal (fresh mare’s milk) and kymyz (fermented mare’s milk) known for their healing properties. Kazakh doctors managed to scientifically prove the health benefits of this eco-product. A gastroenterologist at the Medical Centre Hospital of the President’s Affairs Administration of Kazakhstan, conducted a unique study on the positive effect of mare's milk on human health, and on the gastrointestinal tract in particular. The healing beverage helped the patient recover from steatohepatitis, which causes liver inflammation.

“The liver function tests results returned to normal. There was also an improvement in the patient's condition as well as other indicators. Thus, blood cholesterol levels decreased, sugar and triglyceride levels normalized, and symptoms of anaemia reduced. In addition, this natural product is beneficial in the treatment and prevention of urological diseases, it gives men more strength and energy, slows hair loss, and restores people’s night sleep,” said Bakhytzhan Bimbetov, gastroenterologist and professor at the Medical Centre Hospital of President’s Affairs Administration.

Kazakh doctors are keen to continue scientific experiments to prove the healing benefits of mare’s milk. For example, this year the staff members of the Medical Centre Hospital of the President’s Affairs Administration of Kazakhstan, together with the professors of the Kazan Federal University of Tatarstan, have obtained an innovative patent for the use of mare's milk in oncology. Scientists are unanimous concerning the healing properties of that product capable of speeding up the recovery process after radiation therapy and chemotherapy, which are normally accompanied by side effects like therapy-induced nausea, loss of appetite and decreased immunity. As noted by experts, organic mare's milk can help in dealing with these symptoms.

“Our common goal now is to introduce therapeutic and dietary protocols for the treatment of various diseases, taking into account the results of scientific research. This autumn, we are planning to hold an international conference where we will invite foreign scientists from Europe, Germany, Bashkortostan, Kyrgyzstan, and Japan, who are involved in joint research with our country,” Bimbetov added.

The unique method of healing with kumys is mentioned in a number of writings and works. For instance, over a thousand years ago, the philosopher Ibn Sina described the drink’s healing properties, which once cured a vizier suffering from urolithiasis. Other scientists have called kumys the best product for treating pulmonary tuberculosis. Nobel laureate and scholar Ilya Mechnikov described the drink as a ‘product for longevity’. Also, medical scientist Bakhytzhan Bimbetov included the results of his research on the miraculous properties of saumal and kumys in a separate monograph.