Kazakh scientists develop digital ECG projects

Kazakh scientists develop digital ECG projects

The digital ECG project was developed by Kazakh scientists together with the country’s IT specialists. The domestic development represents a certain module that enables to remotely decode the electrocardiogram results. Thus, it makes possible to determine a diagnosis in just half a minute, experts say.

“We used to need a lot of ECG paper tape, and we were always short of it. Now all the procedures are carried out online, and it’s really convenient,” nurse Gulnar Turaliyeva shared.

The project has gained popularity throughout Kazakhstan. The system has already been implemented in 80 clinics in eastern and western parts of the country, the Turkistan region, as well as Almaty and Astana. The program can be downloaded to a smartphone or a computer.

“Smart ECG is the first-of-its-kind project developed in Kazakhstan. It was implemented with the support of the national Science Fund. The diagnostic device is of great help to villagers, as there is no need to go to the regional centers to undergo an ECG,” project manager Ainur Akshabayeva noted.

The project developers intend to bring it to the global market. Negotiations with the neighboring countries are currently underway.