Kazakhstan’s Defense Ministry on alert


The Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan is on alert and in a waiting mode regarding the events in Afghanistan. Representatives of the department do not exclude the possibility of sending the Kazakh military to the border to stabilize the situation with the Taliban. Kazakh Deputy Minister of Defense Timur Dandybayev announced this at a briefing in the Central Communications Service. There is no need to involve collective forces so far, he said. Today, experts are constantly updating information about events in this country, and are in close contact with the defense departments of foreign partners and regional organizations. In any case, a number of conditions are necessary to intervene in the conflict, said Timur Dandybayev.

“The current military situation in Afghanistan is rather complicated. In order to send our troops to maintain international peace and security, we need to fulfill several conditions. One of the conditions is, first of all, the appeal of one of the parties to the CSTO to provide them with practical or any kind of assistance. The second is a decision at the level of the Collective Security Council, and, accordingly, ratification, permission of the parliament of our country to send its troops to fulfill an international mission,” said Timur Dandybayev, Kazakh Deputy Minister of Defense.

Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova