Kazakh Government introduces Migration Policy Concept for 2023-2027

The Migration Policy Concept ‘Ashyk Kazakhstan 500+’ contains measures to attract the best specialists in areas of high demand in the country, protect the rights of Kazakh citizens working abroad, give more focus on the registration of migrant workers, and others. The unique document will be valid within the period of 2023-2027. Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population, Tamara Duisenova, introduced it at the Government’s meeting.

Kazakhstan intends to introduce the so-called ‘investor visa’ for migrants who have put at least US$300,000 in the country's economy. Such an authorization document with a residence permit will also entitle the user to register a business, own property, hire personnel, make financial transactions, and freely conduct any operations. A separate valuable skills visa, also with a residence permit, is designed to attract specialists that Kazakhstan needs. It can be received by at least 100 foreign nationals, the best in their field.

“The given measures are aimed at transferring knowledge and ensuring our specialists get professional training. A special visa for valuable skills and a residence permit will be introduced for that purpose in addition to a regularly updated ranking of valuable skills. The shortage occupations list will be constantly updated,” Duisenova said.

Another direction of the Concept relates to the regulation of ethnic migration. For this purpose, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population proposed introducing a special card named ‘Ata zholy’. It would be issued to ethnic Kazakhs and citizens of other countries. However, these people should be high-level professionals with successful business cases in their countries and willing to scale them up in Kazakhstan.

“They will get a simplified visa valid for 10 years and the opportunity to run their business in Kazakhstan. We propose to acknowledge their contribution to the development of their historical homeland by awarding the President’s Prize within the annual Paryz contest. The next point is to improve the mechanisms for regulating the migration of arriving ethnic Kazakhs. It is proposed to radically reform the resettlement policy, taking into account the country’s demographic and economic trends, by providing additional incentives for their resettlement in the regions at the initial stage of accepting documents,” the minister added.

A separate Concept area is the protection of the rights of citizens working abroad. For its implementation, it was offered to adopt a package of interstate agreements. It should guarantee the rights of migrant domestic workers in the countries with the biggest number of working Kazakhs. The Concept also envisages the creation of a unified information system for recording the movement of migrants.