World premiere of Kazakh composer’s opera to take place in Germany

World premiere of Kazakh composer’s opera to take place in Germany

The premiere of the opera by Kazakh composer will take place in Germany. Aigerim Seilova will present a multimedia opera in English in Hamburg. The premiere of classical music in a new style will be held in early December. Based on the soundmayer system, it allows listeners to completely immerse themselves in the melody, because all 360 degrees of sound are covered. The harmonious combination of electro and live music will send listeners on a virtual journey. 25 international experts were involved in the creation of a large-scale event. Its implementation took about two years.

“It’s a 90-minute piece for soloists, for opera singers, and for a small chamber orchestra with a video installation, with a video of an artist that completely replaces the set design. And there will also be electroacoustics, which means, sensors and electronic sounds will be used in addition to live sound,” said composer Aigerim Seilova.

The presentation of Seilova’s work will mark the 30th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence. She is proud to represent her homeland in the field of composing with her original sound language. Seilova is the author of about 200 pieces for one or several instruments and chamber orchestras. Her compositions are performed by the most famous musicians on the best stages in the world. She is the recipient of the Hindemith Prize, which is awarded annually to only one of the world’s greatest composers.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova