Ancient tradition of falconry preserved in Kazakhstan

Characteristics of the traditional hunt. The ancient skill of the eagle hunters is being revived In Kazakhstan. For the first time, a national tournament was held in the Kyzylorda region. The event gathered both experts of traditions and young enthusiasts. For some, this tournament is an opportunity to show themselves, for others - to learn more about the peculiarities of the tradition. Training a bird of prey is a real art. There are some features, for instance, to have patience and perseverance. Without these qualities, it is impossible to achieve success, says eagle hunter from Nur-Sultan Serikbek Kuntugan.

“Keeping a bird is not easy. An eagle consumes up to 2 kg of meat per day. It's almost a whole rabbit. In addition, you need to constantly train it. There are many who wish, but not everyone has the opportunity,” said Serikbek Kuntugan, a tournament participant.

“I'm just learning. My bird and I are still getting used to each other. It is said that while training a special friendship is formed between a man and a bird. However, to train a golden eagle is one thing, but to keep it is another. There are many subtleties. I hope to learn about them here,” said Galymzhan Omirtai, a tournament participant.

The tournament consisted of two stages. The first is the calling for an eagle. Further - hunting for rabbits and foxes. In total, 90 eagle hunters from 12 regions of Kazakhstan showed their skills.

“However, this national sport is very attractive and is of great interest among the young people. And this makes us very happy. Such competitions teach to honor national traditions and customs,” said Tattimbet Kapuly, a tournament participant.

According to the organizers of the tournament and eagle hunters, the national tradition of hunting should become a hallmark of Kazakhstan.

Translation by Aruzhan Bizhigitova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova