EL ARNA TV channel: five years of broadcasting

EL ARNA TV channel: five years of broadcasting

El ARNA TV channel, which is part of the Khabar Agency, turns five. This is the first channel in the country which broadcasts feature films and documentaries around the clock. Along with domestic films, the program schedule includes movies from the ‘Golden Fund’ of the Turkic world and the countries of Central Asia. In addition, the channel’s creative team shoots short films every year.

“For 5 years, our channel has found its place in the television market. At first, we limited ourselves to showing historical films, but today we started shooting short films ourselves. We produce one-two domestic films per year. We also shoot theatrical performances, presenting them to the general public,” said Assel Igissinova, Director of EL ARNA TV Channel.

The list of programs will be expanded in the near future. According to a producer of the channel, 17 new projects will be released very soon.

“This season the list of programs will be replenished. There are geographical, philosophical projects, travel programs, including educational ones. Programs covering all areas, be it art, cinema, medicine or education, will be released on our screens,” added Nurzhan Askhatuly, producer at EL ARNA TV Channel.

El ARNA works directly with the Shaken Aimanov film studio. Therefore, the motion pictures filmed there are aired on the channel. Agreements have also been signed with well-known directors. The TV channel has repeatedly been a partner in holding a number of film festivals in the country.



Translation by Saule Mukhamejanova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova