Kazakh schoolboy receives letters of admission from 34 universities around globe

Kazakh schoolboy receives letters of admission from 34 universities around globe

Miras Seilkhan, a schoolboy from Shymkent, was able to enroll in 34 universities around the world. Some of them are willing to fully cover the tuition costs. The future student intends to study economics and finance. His teachers are now helping him navigate the abundance of proposals. Seilkhan was invited to study at the U.S., British, Italian and Australian universities. He himself admits that getting a quality education is very important for him, as this will help his career, but most importantly, he will be able to contribute to the development of Kazakhstan. After studying abroad, he wants to return back to his homeland. Seilkhan began preparing for his future college major from the seventh grade.

“Time management is the key. That is, the ability to allocate your personal time properly. It is important to plan and prepare everything in advance. And decide on the choice of profession as early as possible. In the lyceum where I study, many graduates have become students of international universities. This, too, became a motivation for me,” said Miras Seilkhan, student of ‘Bilim-Innovation’ Lyceum.

“Most of the kids who are interested in studying abroad are very motivated. For them, it is not a burden. So it’s like additional training. For example, all the achievements that Miras has are the merit of hard work both in the classroom and during extracurricular activities. And he is not the only one,” noted career counselor Dukat Kabylkayev.

Seilkhan is now the president of his lyceum and the founder of many volunteer projects. In his spare time, he engages in debating and sports. His teachers note his analytical mindset. However, he himself does not consider himself gifted. Seilkhan says his accomplishments were made possible mostly due to his diligence and discipline.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova