International dance festival takes place in Kazakh capital

Music, dances, vivid emotions! The world dance festival dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence is held in the capital. The sports and entertainment event brought together approximately 500 participants from 12 countries. They present their performances both individually and in pairs. Latin American dances were included into the festival program for the first time. The participants also demonstrate their skill in such types of dancing as cha-cha-cha, samba, rhumba, jive and Spanish pasodoble. The judges of the most prestigious international dance organizations will select the best participants. In addition to the performances, as part of the festival, master classes by world-famous choreographers are organized for young dancers.

“We represent Germany, last December we were the finalists of the World Championship, according to WDO. We have come here to enjoy and see the city, tournament, show our dance, present joy and pleasure to the audience,” said dancer from Germany Nikita Pavinskiy.

“This event is not worse than the world’s leading tournaments, and it even surpasses in terms of the organization level, particularly, in the quality of arrangement, the technical organization of the tournament, its entourage, the quality of the dance floor, lighting and sound. Kazakhstan presents itself as an excellent organizer, which can hold title and high level competitions in the future,” noted jury member from Finland Sergey Belyaev.