Heat wave sweeps across southern Kazakhstan

Heat wave sweeps across southern Kazakhstan

An extraordinary heat wave hit the Turkistan region. According to weather forecasts, temperature in the region is expected to rise above 40 degrees for the next week. On the hot July days, the doctors urge people with chronic diseases to be more careful of their health.

“The heat wave is expected to peak on July 21 and 22, when the air temperature will reach 45 degrees. However, in general, it is natural for July. Such a heat wave is observed every year,” said Assiya Kydyrbayeva, a weather expert.

“In hot weather, the blood begins to thicken, and this is fraught with blood clots. Therefore, the heat can be dangerous for those suffering from cardiovascular diseases,” said Ainaz Akhmetova, a general practitioner.

The doctors recommend waiting out the heat in cool rooms. But it is not recommended to use air conditioners excessively either, so as not to catch a cold. It is better to keep it turned on in the next room. Experts also advise drinking plenty of water and not going out under the scorching sun without the need.