Center for Eurasian Studies opens in Taldykorgan

Center for Eurasian Studies opens in Taldykorgan

More and more foreign nationals learn the Kazakh language and get acquainted with the customs, traditions, history and culture of Kazakhstan. Martijn Marriott as part of a group of professors and students of one of the major universities of Switzerland came on a special trip to Taldykorgan. The future ethnographer and anthropologist, fluent in five languages, began to study Kazakh at the Center for Eurasian Studies.

“I really liked open-minded and friendly people of the Kazakh nation. I am going to take a deeper dive into the language and come here many times. I want to visit other countries of Central Asia as well,” said Martijn Marriott, student of the University Of Zurich.

“I have noticed the ongoing transition from socialism to democracy. I got interested in topic of economic development. This is an important issue requiring detailed study. The national cuisine deserves a separate note,” shared ethnographer Werner Herzog.

The Center for Eurasian Studies is a joint project of the University of Zurich and a local one. According to representatives of the universities, they plan to collaborate and implement many interesting projects.

“One of the projects is already running. It is called ‘Business culture in Central Asia’. The second one will be launched in January next year on the topic of corruption. Nearly 20 universities are involved. We have many ideas,” Peter Finke, professor of the University of Zurich, said.

A trip to Switzerland is scheduled for the next year within the agreement between the parties. During the month, Kazakh youth will learn the language and history of this country.