Congress of Religious Leaders highly commended by its participants

Participants of the Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions commended the international event held in Kazakh capital. They noted that over the past two decades Kazakhstan has confidently established itself as a global dialogue platform for the development of ethnic and religious tolerance. The Declaration signed at the end of the Congress will now contribute to strengthening the intercivilizational and interfaith dialogue. Yesterday, the VII Congress of Religious Leaders completed its work in Kazakh capital. The global international event brought together over 100 delegations from 50 countries.

“Very important issues were raised at the Congress. Of course, we support all the ideas expressed to counter violence and terrorism. Today the world has to fight this evil. I strongly believe that tolerance, peace and freedom will prevail in the world. I would like to emphasize the role of Kazakh President in holding this large-scale Congress at such a high level,” said Li Guangfu, Chairperson of China Taoist Association.

“The work of the congress was fruitful. The event has become a clear example of the fact that there is a place for tolerance in the world, and representatives of different faiths can coexist peacefully. It demonstrates how friendship and partnership among different religions can flourish. This is my first time in Kazakhstan and I am surprised by the country’s fast-paced development,” Masanori Fujie, Managing Director of Association of Shinto Shrines in Japan, said.