Kazakhstan to create National Film Development Commission


Kazakhstan will establish a National Mission, which will be engaged in promoting the development of domestic cinema, attracting foreign investors in this area, as well as the presentation of the country’s film industry on international platforms, announced member of the Senate Nurtore Zhussip at the enlarged session of the upper house of the Kazakh Parliament on social and cultural development, where he presented amendments to the relevant draft law.

“The draft law will facilitate the mandatory dubbing of foreign movies in the categories of children’s animated films intended for family viewing. This is stipulated by the rule aimed at expanding the scope of the Kazakh language and increasing the accessibility of such films to all viewers. The funds for the production of national films will be distributed as follows - 70 percent of funding will be allocated to historic, patriotic and image films, while 30 percent will go to co-financing of private film projects, including debut films,” said Zhussip.

According to the senators, the adoption of the bill as a whole is expected to increase the effectiveness of state policy in the field of support and development of domestic cinema. The members of the Upper House of the Kazakh Parliament unanimously approved the presented document.