Kazakh film ‘Brothers’ wins award in Germany

Filmmaker Darkhan Tulegenov’s debut feature film ‘Brothers’ was awarded a special prize - "Spirit of Cinema" at the prestigious film festival in Germany’s Oldenburg. It bears noting, that the movie became the first Kazakh film presented at this prestigious global festival, which is also known as the European Sundance. The film tells the dramatic story of the life of an orphanage graduate, who meets his brother and together they begin their search for their father.

“This movie is about kinship, about love. My main task was to make sure that two strangers get to learn of their blood ties. I would like to explore the topic of brotherhood more. For me, in my films, the family issues are very important, as it’s one of the most relevant topics of all times. So it is possible to endlessly study films that are centered on this topic and interpret them in different ways,” shared Tulegenov.

It bears noting that the Kazakh film ‘Brothers’ was also included in the official programs of film festivals in the U.S., Canada, Russia and Albania. The domestic release of the movie is scheduled for the beginning of next year.