125th anniversary of Mukhtar Auezov marked in Netherlands

125th anniversary of Mukhtar Auezov marked in Netherlands

The 125th anniversary of Mukhtar Auezov was celebrated in the Netherlands. There was a scientific conference held in the Dutch city of Leiden, which was not chosen at random. It is the city mentioned in the ‘The Path of Abai’ novel.

Kazakh and Dutch literary scholars and researchers are unanimous: the role of a prominent writer in the formation and development of Kazakh literature and his rich creative heritage cannot be overestimated. Experts emphasize that Auezov has never been satisfied with his achievements. Although he received education in Tashkent and Saint Petersburg, he continued to pursue his studies. He learned about Western culture through the work of the great Abai.

“Auezov’s language is very rich. Very strong expressions were required to create this epic work, and it showed all the rich possibilities of our language. Shyngys Aitmatov got his way into literature thanks to the support of Auezov. His influence was recognized by many writers, including Shyngys Aitmatov and Rasul Gamzatov. Mustai Karim talked about it a lot,” Diar Kunayev, Director of the Auezov Literary and Memorial House Museum, said.

The researchers note that the modern reading of the writer’s works opens new facets of his legacy. And years later, the style of Auezov preserves the reference qualities of the Kazakh literary language.

“Undoubtedly, Mukhtar Auezov is an unsurpassed master of words, researcher and virtuoso of both written and oral Kazakh creativity. And aitys, as the peak of the Kazakh folklore, is present in “The Path of Abai” novel. So the fact that I was invited to speak here with this is wonderful! I also talked about the aitys as the national code of the Kazakh people,” Aisulu Kassymbek, Principal of the ‘Aitys’ Kazakh-Language School, said.

Now holding such a scientific conference on the occasion of Mukhtar Auezov’s birthday will become an annual tradition on Dutch soil.