‘Creative Tabys Tarihy’ pilot project launched in Kazakhstan

One of the first meetings on the development of creative industries in Kazakhstan was held in the country’s capital as part of the Creative Tabys Tarihy pilot project. Its purpose is to share the success stories of domestic talents with Kazakh residents. The event was organized by the Kazakh Tourism National Company. Its representatives pledged to hold such networking meetings once a month, aiming to inspire young people to create and commercialize their work. According to Irina Kharitonova, Head of the Creative Tourism Department, an unconventional approach to creativity of Kazakh youth makes the country recognizable in the world arena. Thus, prominent representatives of the industry should set a good example for young people.

“These young people are now officially ambassadors of creative industries of Kazakhstan. What does it mean? We will do our best to support them as much as possible, and promote both on the local and international markets. In turn, their creative works are supposed to make Kazakhstan recognizable worldwide by demonstrating its unique and limitless creative industries. Thus, our national code and identity will be preserved through creative industries,” said Irina Kharitonova, Head of the Creative Tourism Department of the Kazakh Tourism National Company.

Adilkhan Dyussembayev is one of the ambassadors of the country’s creative industries. He has been engaged in video shooting, photography and editing for over 10 years. His talent, hard work and perseverance made way for the young man to collaborate with global brands and celebrities.

“Nowadays, there are lots of talents that can be revealed through lots of opportunities. Young people just should keep their options open. They always ask me for a piece of advice, and I tell them that the whole world is open for us and we should not limit ourselves. Instead, Kazakh artists and filmmakers should put their creative ideas into action pushing all fears away. About two or three years ago I tried to contact filmmakers, but they did not answer me. Later after my project for Rihanna, they themselves contacted me, subscribed to my account and proposed a collaborative project,” added Adilkhan Dyussembayev, Ambassador of the Cultural Creative Industries of Kazakhstan.