Kazakh Government on preparations for freshet season

Preparations for the freshet season in Kazakhstan are underway. Workers clean irritation ditches, repair hydraulic structures, and remove snow on time. The Kazakh Government considered preventive measures for spring freshet today. 255 villages in 13 regions of the country with more than 127,000 houses and over 700,000 people are in the high-risk zone now. Preparatory work has already begun in several regions. A group of forces with equipment has been formed considering possible complications. It has more than 35,000 people, about 11,000 units of equipment, 12 aircraft, more than 650 boats and over 3,000 motor pumps. 24-hour duty shifts and detours of high-risk locations will be organized during the freshet season. Rescuers will also ensure that trains are ready in a number of regions of the country to evacuate people in high-risk areas.

“We have 45 anti-washout trains fitted with rubble stone being prepared. 1,713 locomotives and 1,603 wagons are ready for a possible evacuation of 61,000 people. Besides that, there are 84 specially equipped emergency and fire trains, 2,400 cubic meters of rubble stone and 8,000 reinforced concrete sleepers,” said Marat Karabayev, Kazakh Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development.