Kazakh resident creates images of national heroes using neural network

Miracles of a neural network. A Kazakh resident from Almaty creates modern images of national heroes, legendary figures and fairy-tale characters using artificial intelligence. These are the images of Abai Kunanbaiuly, Alikhan Bokeikhan, Shokan Ualikhan, Ybyrai Altynsarin, as well as Kazakh Santa and the Snow Maiden. Talgat Baitukeshev's sample images processed with artificial intelligence went viral on the World Wide Web and became popular both among Kazakh and foreign users. He did not expect his hobby to gain such popularity, the young man admits. However, Baitukeshev decided to consider the offers for collaboration made by foreign IT and video game companies. The programmer plans to create animated characters from Kazakh folk tales, legends and epics with the help of a neural network. Thus, he wants to draw the attention of the world community to the history and culture of Kazakhstan.

 “We already receive proposals to create our own characters in the future. We have noticed that our batyrs, our warriors have a unique image in western market. First, we would like to draw the Saka warriors and spread these images. It is important to make them look more realistic. Then we could use these images to make animations and give bots commands,” he said.