National Museum of Kazakhstan presents first scientific collection about archaeological research

Scientific information about 222 historical monuments, 118 out of which are ancient burial sites, has been included in a unique collection entitled ‘Archaeological Research in Kazakhstan’. It was presented at the National Museum of the country. The book contains data on archeological excavations carried out in 2021. The research works span the chronological range from the Stone Age to the late Middle Ages and ethnographic times. Excavations conducted in different regions of Kazakhstan, where valuable and unique artifacts were collected, took one year.

“The data show not just a number of monuments, but an extensive study from which many unexplored points emerge. What are these objects found, and where will they be stored? What should the historical data be based on? Unfortunately, there are still a lot of gaps and blank spots in the history of Kazakhstan. The research work is held under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture and Sports. We plan to prepare a special project and publish our research annually,” said Aibar Kassenalin, Director of the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage at the National Museum of Kazakhstan.