Collection of Kazakh National Museum replenished with 680 intangible cultural heritage artefacts

Unique mammoth fossils, ancient household items and tools, clothing, and jewellery - over 680 artefacts of intangible cultural heritage and about 80 other equally valuable exhibits, found by Kazakh archaeologists last year during archaeological excavations, were handed over to the National Museum of Kazakhstan. In the future there are plans to present the research results in three languages. Scientists intend to feature them in special publications for each region where excavations were carried out. It bears noting that they were conducted not only in Kazakhstan, but also on the territory of Uzbekistan.

“We’ve conducted research to find valuable exhibits and intangible cultural heritage in the Tamdyn and Uchkuduk districts of the Navoi region of Uzbekistan. A fairly large number of various materials have been collected so far. We were also provided with ethnographic exhibits and ancient relics of the Kazakhs living in this territory. I think that soon we will be able to share all this with you,” said Ardabi Mauletuly, Spokesperson for the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage at the National Museum of Kazakhstan.