Mazhilis and Maslikhat election preparations underway in Kazakhstan

Mazhilis and Maslikhat election preparations underway in Kazakhstan

Preparations for the Mazhilis and Maslikhat election, which will be held on March 19, are underway in Kazakhstan. Thus, voters’ lists are being checked and voting stations are being prepared in the North Kazakhstan region. Overall, there are over 600 polling stations in the region. Also, the data on the citizens eligible to vote is being verified. More than 2,000 people with disabilities are among them. Specially adapted equipment and facilities as well as sign language interpretation services are provided to them.

“Of the 631 polling stations, 532 are equipped with ramps, 563 with tactile signs at the entrance, and 504 with tactile signs at the polling station. For 652 hearing-impaired voters, online or offline assistance information, that is, sign language interpreter services will be provided at polling stations. Social and wheelchair accessible taxi services will be available in the regional centre on election day,” said Olzhas Idrissov, North Kazakhstan region governor’s chief of staff.

“53 people were officially registered as candidates for the regional maslikhat and the same number for the city maslikhat in Petropavl. In addition, six parties submitted their lists to the regional maslikhat,” noted Sagyndyk Maugazin, Member of the North Kazakhstan Regional Election Commission.

688 people have nominated themselves for the election to the Mazhilis and Maslikhats of all levels in the Pavlodar region. Of these, about 600 candidates, including 77 political party nominees, have been registered. Most of them intend to run for members of district and city maslikhats. On average, there are three applicants for one mandate. The youngest of the candidates is 20 years old. The regional election commission noted that it is the first time such a large number of young people is taking part in elections in the region.

“Based on my practical experience, I think there will be competition in every constituency. This was evident in the nomination stages because, indeed, as you know, there were six and even 10 candidates in one constituency for the first time. But there must be at least two candidates for the elections to take place in a particular constituency,” said Gulnar Amanzholova, Chairperson of the Pavlodar Regional Territorial Election Commission.