Exhibition by Mario Cucinella Architects takes place in Astana

History of architecture, iconic cultural events and environmental phenomena are featured in one unique exposition. The Kazakh capital is hosting an exhibition of well-known Italian architect Mario Cucinella. It presents the mock-ups and photography stands of the foreign designer’s works. They mainly focus on environmental sustainability. According to the architect, these principles are indispensable in modern megacities, in particular, in the construction of modern high-rise administrative and residential buildings. An example of successful use of green solutions is the Nur Alem Pavilion Sphere in Astana, Cucinella notes. The unique pavilion showcases already implemented technologies and projects in various areas of sustainable energy sources. It is worth noting that the exhibition was organized by the Embassy of Italy in Kazakhstan, with the support of the QazExpoCongress national company. It will run until June 10.

“I am very happy to be here with this exhibition, because I think Astana, Kazakhstan, as many countries in the world, they need to increase in the sensibility or sustainability. Especially, for young generation or young architect engineers, they need to know that there is another way to design buildings, and design cities. I think the sustainability is the key point for the future. So, how we can build the buildings, cities in harmony with the environment. This is a very important challenge for the next 30 years, not 100 - 30 years,” said architect from Italy, Mario Cucinella.