Building bridges between cultures: exhibition of Spanish artist opens in Astana

The Moon has become the main subject of nineteen paintings by Spanish artist Jose Maria Cano, whose works can now be admired by residents and visitors of the Kazakh capital. The personal exhibition of the foreign artist has opened at the National Museum of Kazakhstan. The exposition entitled ‘Reality or Truth’ is a series of paintings made in the encaustic technique which involves heated wax paints that are melted and burned into the material. In all his works the author refers to the portrayal of Moonlight. Jose Maria Cano also dedicated a ballad, Son of the Moon, to the Earth's satellite when he was a member of the pop band. He later composed the opera Luna, which was staged in London. It bears noting that the artist has participated in numerous exhibitions. His works have been exhibited in museums in Madrid, Milan, Shanghai, Beijing, Kyiv, Moscow, Prague, and Warsaw. The aim of the exhibition, organized with the participation of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain in Kazakhstan, was to introduce visitors to Spanish culture. It will run until March 27.

“Earlier, I organized this exhibition in Almaty. I really like Kazakhstan, which is a modern developed state with very hospitable people. One feels at home in your welcoming country. And the people living here are cheerful and friendly. In my opinion, Kazakhstan represents a blend of eastern and western cultures. My exhibition is devoted to the Moon, which is of great significance to me and my work,” said artist from Spain, Jose Maria Cano.