Kazakh-Georgian movie ‘More Than Love’ hits big screens

Kazakh-Georgian movie ‘More Than Love’ hits big screens

The movie ‘More Than Love’ co-produced by filmmakers from Kazakhstan and Georgia tells about the connection between the cultures, traditions, and values of the people of the two countries and is now in wide release. According to the creators, the main aim of the film is to remind of true friendship and warm the hearts of viewers.

“It’s a kind and heart-warming film which demonstrates to us that there is friendship between the peoples and nations, which unites Kazakhs and Georgians. We are representatives of different nations, Kazakhs are from Asia, and Georgians from the Caucasus, but we share common family values, as well as humor, traditions, friendship, feasts and a big heart. All this is shown in this movie,” noted Irakli Kakaladze, Honorary Consul of Kazakhstan in Georgia.

The events in the film unfold during the Second World War. Two scouts, a Georgian and a Kazakh, are caught in an air raid. Bakhytzhan sacrificed his own life to save a fellow soldier. At the bedside of a dying comrade, Vano swore that their children will get married and become a family. However, he was unable to keep his promise. Now his grandchildren, who had come to Almaty, will have to fulfill their grandfather’s oath. It is noteworthy that the movie was shot during the pandemic. The film crew had to adjust to the circumstances, and the actors had to improvise.

“When I got acquainted with Kazakhstan’s movie stars, they taught me a lot in terms of acting. In the film, I play a character who is looking for love. Because during the war, my grandfather promised that if he had a son, he would have to marry a Kazakh woman,” said actor from Georgia, Ilia Chkhaidze.

The war scenes and the Georgian part of the plot were filmed in the vicinity of Tbilisi. Afterwards, the film crew went to Almaty, where the city’s most iconic places became filming locations. The filmmakers believe that this movie is only the beginning, as there are plans for more joint film projects and collaboration in this area in the near future.