Kazakhstan to establish Unified Real Estate Cadastre

Kazakhstan simplifies the procedure for granting land plots, converting it into an electronic format. Process automation will shorten the time for obtaining land plots by Kazakh residents from a year to 30 days. The Kazakh Parliament adopted amendments to the bill on digitalization of public services under the establishment of the Unified State Real Estate Cadastre, which will combine both land and legal cadastres. The relevant land rights will be granted via the electronic government service eGov.kz through the public cadastral map. It will include digital data from the country’s land, legal, and urban planning cadastres. It is also proposed to unify identification documents for land and real estate. A single document, namely, the cadastral passport of the property, will be created as well.

“The adoption of this bill is a clear step towards the simplified procedure of granting land plots. It defines the procedure for the electronic transfer of rights to a land plot and ensures the transparency of state policy in this area. The Senate made additional amendments to the bill during its consideration. Now the draft law enhances mechanisms for timely suppression and prevention of non-use or irrational use of agricultural land. We believe that in the future, the bill will have a positive impact on optimizing public services in the sphere of land relations and increasing their efficiency,” said Maulen Ashimbayev, Chairperson of the Senate, the Upper House of the Kazakh Parliament.