Kazakh librarians to undergo training in Turkey

The exchange of experience and advanced training for librarians - Kazakh specialists will enhance their professional skills at the National Library of Turkey in Ankara. As part of the educational process, participants will gain in-depth knowledge on various topics, such as digitization of libraries, database creation for library collections, and most importantly, restoration and preservation of ancient folios and rare editions.

“During the internship, Kazakh librarians will have the opportunity to exchange experiences with their counterparts from Turkish libraries. They will also gain valuable insights into digitization and working with collections of rare editions. In addition, our librarians will have the chance to study the electronic databases of Turkish libraries, including the digitization process. They will also learn more about modern approaches to scientific descriptions, publications, management, marketing, and staff management in libraries,” Nurbek Borambayev, Spokesperson for the Kazakh Ministry of Culture and Sports, said.

Librarians are not the only personnel of the country’s cultural organizations who regularly undertake training abroad. Earlier, staff members from museums, nature reserves, musical and drama theaters have also had the opportunity to exchange experiences with their foreign counterparts.