Scientific institute for Caspian studies to open in Kazakhstan

A scientific institute dedicated to the study of the Caspian Sea will open in Kazakhstan, with its head office in Aktau and a branch office in Atyrau. Its work will encompass several areas, but its main task will be to study the issues relating to the Caspian Sea. A dedicated team of scientists will focus on identifying the causes of the mass mortality of seals and fish, as well as preserving their populations and the ecological balance in general. Another team will conduct an in-depth research on the reservoir’s ichthyofauna. According to the Atyrau region governor’s office, the scientific institute will actively cooperate with similar organizations from other Caspian states. According to recent estimates by experts, the water level of the Caspian Sea has decreased by almost 29 meters over the past decade. As noted by scientists, if this trend continues, it will lead to a number of negative environmental impacts.