100 innovation creativity centers, 50 health camps for school students to be built in Kazakhstan

50 health camps and 100 centers of innovation creativity for school students will be built in Kazakhstan by 2026. The Kazakh government discussed the organization of leisure activities and the overall pastime of children during the summer holidays. Thus, recreational activities will cover about 2.8 million children in summer. Also, over 200 country camps and 10,000 schools, specialized and tent camps will open in Kazakhstan. In addition, the relevant ministry plans to arrange more than 500 cultural and 300 sports and tourism events.

“Regional governors should provide free access to museums, theaters, reserves, national parks and sports facilities during summer vacations. Besides, for children from remote villages, it is necessary to organize trips to cultural and historical places, as well as to the country’s capital. The Kazakh Ministry of Enlightenment jointly with the Ministry of Culture and Sports should resolve the issue of creating a single electronic platform for enrolling children in clubs, sections, camps, recreation and leisure centers based on the National Education Database,” Alikhan Smailov, Kazakh Prime Minister, said.