Felt products – brand of Kazakhstan

Felt fashion. Today interest in this environmentally friendly material is growing all over the world. Runways are full of splendor of felt products. Mariya Markova started to be engaged in popular wool felting technique several years ago. The woman took a special course. What was initially seen as a hobby has now become a major activity of income and fame. The designer’s collection includes both ornaments as well as coats and carpets of felt. After all, felt is an amazing material with a wide range of possibilities, with which people can experiment, says the designer.

“I was always interested in how to make a fabric that you want, then design and manufacture. I was so excited about this that I started with booties, some simple things, because I just wanted to feel the material, to know it better, how flexible it is. I was so surprised and happy when I found out that it takes forms depending on the thickness. If you roll it harder, it will take on more rigid forms. It has a room for variation, for creativity. I came up with many ideas. Finally I moved on to clothes”, said Mariya Markova, a designer.

The designer believes that felt products became a trademark and brand of Kazakhstan. After all, the high-quality products may become in demand not only in the country, but also all over the world, as well as to compete or even crowd out world famous brands.

“Felt is a brand, because it is an ancient skill. It is reviving. It’s excellent. I think that it is great that we return to such authentic things making them with our own hands. It is really valuable,” stressed the designer.

Mariya Markova is confident that it is time to not only revive the Kazakh national traditions, but also improve technologies and pass down the skills of felting to future generations.