Nomadic culture heritage promoted in Turkistan region

Nomadic culture heritage promoted in Turkistan region

Karabai Kurbayev, a resident of the Turkistan region, is promoting the cultural values of the Kazakh people. He has been engaged in making traditional yurts, the most sacred craft for the descendants of nomads, for over two years now. Having inherited the woodworking skills from his father, he later opened a workshop and trained his employees. The yurt frames are made of elm and willow, with all materials processed manually, despite the availability of modern equipment. In this way, the craftspeople are dedicated to preserving the ancestral traditions and maintaining the nomadic authenticity.

“Here, we pour water and light a fire; everything gets filled with steam, and then it undergoes the drying process. We steam it for two to four hours, depending on wood thickness. While there are now various types of machines for cutting wood, the master continues to do everything by hand, without using any modern equipment,” said a craftsperson Abai Zhalgasbekuly.

In the future, the craftsman plans to expand his production, given the significant demand for yurts. The nomads’ portable house is popular throughout the country, and the workshop is receiving orders for a year ahead.

“Lots of orders are coming in, and accordingly, I ensure timely salary payments. For example, we currently have a big order from Oskemen for 20 Kazakh yurts, which we aim to manufacture by spring. Over the past two years, we have assembled a total of 150 yurts,” said a carpenter Karabai Kurbayev.

The Kurbayev family intends to set up yurts in the most visited tourist areas. Thus, they aim to promote and popularize the heritage of nomadic culture and the national values of the people.