North Kazakhstan’s regional budget increases twofold

The budget of the North Kazakhstan region has increased two times from 189 billion tenge (US$447.8 million) to 333 billion tenge (US$789 million), the Governor of North Kazakhstan region Kumar Aksakalov announced. Following the last 10 months, key indicators showed that the region has not only become the leader, but also surpassed the national average. Regional industrial enterprises operate fully. As a result, plants increased their production to 236 billion tenge (US$559.2 million). Regional authorities note that the portfolio of industrial orders, including for export, has been formed ahead. Focus is also being put on the agro-industrial complex, in particular on the large-scale production of dairy products. This year, construction of 11 more farms has begun in the northern Kazakhstan. Five of them will start operating in December. In general, the launch of enterprises will contribute to the production of more than 51,000 tonnes of milk annually.

The growth is fixed not only in dairy and meat production. Today more than 80 processing enterprises of the region produce 330 types of meat, dairy and pasta products. It can be said that North Kazakhstan region is capable of providing Kazakhstan residents with its products, said Kumar Aksakalov, the governor of North Kazakhstan region.