Nur-Sultan volunteers provide assistance to 50,000 capital residents

More than 2,000 volunteers from Nur-Sultan continue to offer their helping hand. They have 30 good deeds scheduled for December. The campaign, which young people dedicated to Independence Day, kicked off in November. Since then, young enthusiasts have been adding to their list of good deeds done almost every day.

A 22-year-old Olzhas Amangeldy got used to climbing up and down the trees. This time, volunteers help those, who cannot even ask for help. They help birds. According to volunteers, during winter, birds need warmth and care more than ever. These birdhouses were made for them.

Not all birds fly south in winter. Little sparrows stay here. We make such birdhouses for them, so that they could live there. The city should not only be inhabited by humans, but also by animals, mainly birds. Birds are very useful. As good-hearted people, we should take care of them, said Olzhas Amangeldy, volunteer.

In addition, since the beginning of the year, the volunteers have managed to provide assistance to nearly 50,000 people. They cleared snow, cut wood, handed out masks and products. According to the representatives of ‘Astana Zhastary’ Youth Resource Center, the help was especially needed during the nationwide state-of-emergency. At that time, many people wanted to offer their help. The age of the volunteers has also changed, with adults increasingly becoming volunteers.

It is during the Year of Volunteer that we see the influx of volunteers. It happened due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but also, in general, volunteering became more popular and interesting to the population, said Chingiz Tleulin, head of ‘Astana Zhastary’ Youth Resource Center.

This year, volunteers had to transfer most of their work to the online format. They say that they have a lot of new projects. This means that volunteers, armed with masks, gloves and sanitizers, will continue to do their imperceptible, but such important work.