Omar Zhalel: If you want to become a man, you must know how to do it

What is an image of solid personality according to the theory of Abai? How do the works of a great thinker evoke a desire for hard work? Why is Abaeology getting old? Watch an interview with scientist Omar Zhalel, who following the principle of the thinker «be a man - get capital», brings to his reader the whole depth of Abai’s philosophy. Candidate of philological sciences Omar Zhalel is a scholar of Abai studies. He is studying the heritage of such outstanding Kazakh thinkers as Abai, Shakarim and Mashkhur Zhusup. Omar Zhalel is well known to readers of the book «Hareket», in which, guided by the principle of Abai «Be a man - get capital», he educates his readers.