Online service for applying to use pension savings starts working from January 23

Starting tomorrow, January 23, Kazakh citizens will be able to submit an application to withdraw part of their pension savings on website. Lyazzat Ibragimova, Chairperson of Otbasy Bank, announced this at a briefing at the Central Communications Service. According to her, specialists made the last adjustments and finished working over the website.

“ is our joint platform with the Unified Accumulative Pension Fund. This huge work we have done during 2020. Therefore, we decided to represent in the name the two agencies, which actively interacted. If you go to website now, you will see that the service starts working from January 23 at 9 a.m.,” said Lyazzat Ibragimova, Chairperson, Otbasy Bank

Another important point that experts explained at the briefing is that trading procedures between relatives are prohibited.

“Most importantly, all transactions will be carried out in a cashless manner. Transactions between relatives are prohibited in order to prevent fake deals, so that there is no illegal withdrawal of money. I mean, for example, I would not be allowed to purchase housing from my brothers and sisters, my parents, my children, my grandparents. Thus, the rules describe the whole scheme in sufficient detail,” added Ibragimova.

Kazakh citizens will be informed of the regulations on the use of pension savings for treatment next week. This issue is still under discussion in the government.