Opera divas – Zarina Altynbaeva, Nadezhda Bandalet and Afag Abbassova

Such praise from a colleague means a lot. And the leading soloist of the Kazakh opera Zarina Altynbayeva really deserves it. She is not only a «star», not only beautiful and talented. She is pedantic and therefore always strives to do everything perfectly. Many people notice this now and it was visible to millions of viewers when they first saw her on television screens as a pop singer. Back then everyone admired her. Her recordings and videos could be seen and heard on all domestic channels. But suddenly she disappeared. And after a while, the public of Kazakhstan found out that their favorite singer went to the opera art.

Opera singers definitely differ from each other in their creative scale, character and role. And what unites them is the recognition of the audience. Well, as for the term «opera diva»,  it is obvious that this is the best representative of this very genre. And now we want to introduce you to one of them. Prima of the Uzbek opera, soprano Nadezhda Bandalet.