Operation Zhusan: Kazakhstan repatriates 607 its citizens from Syria

607 Kazakh citizens were returned to their homeland from Syria as part of Operation Zhusan. 413 of them are children. 20 countries have been approached in order to implement a major event. According to spokespeople for the National Security Committee, it was not easy to determine the citizenship of the compatriots, because people from other countries presented themselves as citizens of Kazakhstan seeking to leave the country. After detailed verification, Kazakh citizens were repatriated to their homeland on a military aircraft provided by the Kazakh Ministry of Defense. Despite the coronavirus pandemic and other obstacles, 95 percent of the returnees receive help from theologians and psychologists. Also, active work is being carried out with them on radical maladjustment and rehabilitation. According to the retired Major General of the National Security Committee Ablai Tastambekov, the task assigned to the committee is very ambitious.

“Many people do not know, but if the National Security Committee does not carry out such work, the state will be damaged. Such work is obligatory,” Tastambekov said.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova