Over 8,000 Students Complete Courses in Library of First President

Patriotism is instilled in school. Students are told about the formation of Kazakhstan’s statehood, international initiatives and strategies of the country, implemented over the years of Independence in the library of the First President of Kazakhstan. Special attention is paid to promising youth. Moreover, experts also teach how to create their own projects that, for example, can contribute to the development of their regions. Thousands of students attend lectures and seminars every year. In 2020, the lessons were conducted in an online format. According to the Deputy Head of the library Botagoz Kaipova, such practices can become a methodological basis for the development of volunteering in the country. In total, in recent years, more than 8,000 school students from across the country have received the training.

“The main thing for us is to show that Nursultan Nazarbayev took the concept of succession as a basis in his approach to the formation of the state strategy. Students take into account these categories, but as part of our practical activities. We offer and teach them to develop such projects, which they can implement in their regions,” said Botagoz Kaipova, Deputy Director of Library of First President of Kazakhstan.