Oxford Qazaq Dictionary presented in Senate

The Oxford Kazakh-English dictionary was presented in the Senate, an Upper House of the Parliament. It comprises 60,000 words, and when considering phrases, the count exceeds 500,000. Senate members highlighted that the integration of the state language into the global linguistic community gives it a special status. Over the four-year development of the dictionary, changes in Kazakh and English vocabulary were taken into account. It incorporates modern expressions from various fields such as culture, information technology, medicine, economics, finance, and trade. The project's authors emphasize that a print run of 10,000 copies is considerably small for widespread use. In order to address this issue, specialists have started developing an electronic version of the dictionary.

“We want to create a mobile app, and we currently have its first version. However, our goal is to enhance its functionality, offering audio support for those who wish to listen to Kazakh texts with translations into English and Russian, followed by interpretations. All texts are translated with high quality, and work is already underway to integrate them into the web services of Google and Yandex,” said Rauan Kenzhekhanuly, head of the Qazaq Tili international association.