Parliamentary elections mark new phase in Kazakhstan’s development, experts say

The new composition of the Kazakh Parliament will focus on the search for innovative solutions to ensure socio-economic reforms in the country. Expert at the Institute of World Economics and Politics Yerlan Madiyev described the changes that political scientists predict will come after the latest elections. He believes that a special role in the process would be assigned to the legislative system, in other words, to the MPs who have received a new mandate of public trust. An important factor is that there have become more young people and women in Parliament.

“The parliamentarians face qualitatively new tasks that are dictated by the priorities of the anti-crisis policy. The overall performance of the legislature will be improved. That is, the tasks that the President referred to in his state-of-the-nation address last year, namely, that it is now necessary to balance the responsibilities between the executive and legislative branches, which have become a bottleneck in the past in the fight against the pandemic,” said Yerlan Madiyev.