Phenomenal innovations of Kazakh scientist conquer the world

A biolocation device, a Braille tutor, an exoskeleton, and a monofin called ‘fish locomotion’. The phenomenal inventions of Kazakh scientist Galimzhan Gabdreshov entered the top of European innovations and were nominated for three UN awards. Our correspondent Aigerim Akimzhanova found out about the unique features of the domestic inventor’s projects.

Most of the developments by Galimzhan Gabdreshov, the founder of the association entitled ‘Sezual’, which means ‘feel and take’ in Kazakh language, are designed to make the blind’s life and socializing easier. These include the Braille trainer and the biolocation device. Gabdreshov had a retinal detachment in the right eye five years ago. He had his sight restored, but the doctors warned him that he could go blind at any time. That is when the inventor had the idea of developing assistive devices. One of them is the biolocator. It helps people who are totally blind to find their way around, travel, work and even ride bicycles.

“The human brain can recognize things in the same way as nocturnal animals by using sounds to form visual images, just as we form them with light waves. We have been able not only to make the device, but also to develop technology for training our visual cortex, which has led to such phenomenal results,” Gabdreshov said.

The World Intellectual Property Organization and the European Research Council on innovations for persons with disabilities have classified the Sezual biolocator as a total vision replacement and declared it the first know-how that enables the blind to see. The device is now moving from the research and development stage to commercialization. It has attracted the countries abroad, in particular, American scientists. Another unique invention of Galimzhan Gabdreshov is the monofin named ‘fish locomotion’, which allows swimmers to make undulations in the water. According to the scientist, this method will help to eliminate diseases such as osteochondrosis, scoliosis, disc protrusion and rejuvenate the body in general. For now, Galimzhan has done all the research on himself. 

“We did some initial collection of information, again based on the amplitude of movement in the joints. The results of subsequent studies showed very good dynamics with weight loss, reduction of visceral fat, improvement in blood biochemistry, and treatment of more than 20 diseases of the spinal column that cannot be cured by surgery,” Askar Baimagambetov, chief medical officer of the rehabilitation centre, said.

The scientist has a goal to build an entire ecosystem for disabled persons. His inventions have received worldwide recognition. Gabdreshov has repeatedly received offers from foreign companies to transfer the rights of his designs, but he intends to retain his authorship and thus glorify the country. All that remains is to get support from the state, investments, and launch assembly line production.