Popular New Year’s gifts

Popular New Year’s gifts

Gifts for any taste! Once the work rush in the year’s most intense month ended, people in Kazakhstan had another quest – New Year’s presents. Someone gives them only to the closest ones, others plan to please not only family and friends, but also colleagues! What’s popular this year? Let’s figure it out. The best way out is to clearly understand what a so-called “gift recipient” is waiting for the holiday. But if the preferences are unknown, trends come into play.

The interior decorations are the main trend of this year. Askar Kassymbekov makes concrete products with his own hands. Authentic home decorations are in great demand among residents of the capital.

“It’s more loft-style. Some people order something gray, others ask items suitable for the interior. There items of the new style called terrazzo. It is more Italian and also interesting. Everyone likes it. Customers are always satisfied,” said Askar Kassymbekov, a master of decorative concrete products.

In other words, now ordinary souvenirs do not impress anybody. Therefore, Kazakh residents are increasingly trying to be creative. For example, to present Thai massage certificate or instant camera. However, the capital’s residents say that the most important thing here is attention. Although, an expensive gift would certainly be desirable.

“The best New Year’s gift is a car. I want a car!” said a man.

“Money!” said a resident.

While adults dream of getting something practical, children continue to believe in miracles and wait for a gift from Santa Claus. The best New Year’s gifts can hardly be found under the tree. It is important to remember that these are loving people nearby, who are ready to create a real miracle for us!


Translation and editing by Saniya Sakenova