Popularity of kazakh language grows abroad

The Kazakh language online, free and for everyone. On one of the first platforms available for learning Kazakh language, Soyle.kz, people can not only expand their linguistic abilities, but also learn speech etiquette and even learn more about the national culture and traditions of Kazakhstan. Today the number of subscribers to the website has exceeded 140,000. Mobile applications are available for more than 70,000 users. According to Director of the State Language Development Fund Azat Shaueyev, due to the development of the English-Latin version of the website, the popularity of the Kazakh language is growing rapidly abroad.

 “There are users from Russia, Ukraine, the U.S., Europe, Scandinavian countries - Sweden, Norway, even from Africa continent. Registration takes 2-3 minutes. Every lesson takes literally about 40 minutes. If people study one lesson for half an hour a day, they will be able to speak Kazakh after three months. We have a lot of online projects, for example, we made the first Kazakh comics in Kazakhstan,” said Director of the State Language Development Fund, Azat Shaueyev.

All materials - lessons from the beginner level to the most advanced, are primarily aimed at the development of colloquial speech. The website also contains videos, audio files, photographs, games, songs, grammar tasks and reference books. All this makes it possible to quickly and easily study the material, and therefore to start speaking Kazakh language quicker.