Premiere of ‘Falling Angels’ ballet by modern dance genius Jiri Kylian

Premiere of ‘Falling Angels’ ballet by modern dance genius Jiri Kylian

The premiere of the ‘Falling Angels’ by the contemporary dance genius Jiri Kylian took place for the first time in the capital of Kazakhstan. The production returned to the stage after more than 30 years. In fact, the world-famous theaters compete for the right to include in their repertoire one of the most famous works of the Czech choreographer and philosopher. Stefan Zeromski, a talented choreographer and assistant to Jiri Kylian, was the one who staged the piece at the Astana Ballet theater. According to Zeromski, he is happy with the work he’s done. The foreign expert noted that the Kazakh dancers created unique images of eight different women.

“I worked with the girls for a month. They're very beautiful. It’s a very good company. I hope that everyone will enjoy the performance as they all dance very well. Every solo, every part, and every role represents a different type of woman. For example, one woman is more humanist, and the other is more serious. It was necessary to choose the dancers in such a way that they match the style of 33 years ago. But of course, they will dance differently, they’ll show their own interpretation,” said Stefan Zeromski, an assistant to Jiri Kylian.

“This premiere was planned a year and a half ago. But, unfortunately, the pandemic has made its own adjustments, including in the theater industry. We are proud to present the ‘Falling Angels’ ballet. It is a joint project with choreographer Jiri Kylian. We’ve worked hard to make this collaboration happen. Not all theaters are given the opportunity to stage such a work, which is indeed considered a modern classic,” said Alexander Sovostyanov, Director of the Astana Ballet Theater.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova