President Tokayev: Kazakhstan enters new development stage

Kazakhstan has entered the new development stage, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev announced at a Senate meeting today. New members of the Upper House of the Parliament have already started their work.

Electoral legislation liberalization and other political transformations carried out in recent years have given a strong impetus to Kazakhstan. Therefore, new parties have appeared in the country officially. Kazakhstan now needs responsible political organizations to defend the interests of the Kazakh people, the Head of State said. It is also important to build a new generation of politicians and make them recognizable.

“The recent electoral campaign for the Mazhilis and Maslikhat elections will become the final stage of a comprehensive reboot of key state institutions. The transition to a mixed model of the formation of the Mazhilis and Maslikhat is of great importance in terms of protecting the interests of all social groups. This change will have a significant impact on all the levels of the representative branches of government,” Tokayev said.

In his speech, the Head of State emphasized that the process of forming the country’s Senate was completed. Kassym-Jomart Tokayev reminded that a number of new members have been elected to the Upper House of the Kazakh Parliament. In addition, a special quota was also given to members of the Kazakhstan’s Ethnic Assembly. Eventually, almost half of the Senate has been renewed with representatives from all regions, including newly established ones. President Tokayev noted that the country has entered the new development stage, where the Senate is entrusted with important functions.

“All this will enable the Kazakh Senate to protect the interests of the country’s citizens. The Upper House plays an important role in the public administration system. In accordance with the country’s Constitution, the Senate is entrusted with essential functions. All necessary conditions were created for the proper implementation of legislative activity. The Upper House is honourably performing its work. Senators took an active part in delivering large-scale reforms. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to you. I am sure that the elected members will give a new impetus to the work of the Senate,” the President added.

The President put forward Maulen Ashimbayev for the position of the Chairman of the Senate. The Head of State noted that Ashimbayev had a positive reputation as the Senate Speaker and that he had extensive experience in public administration. The proposal of the President was unanimously supported by members of the Senate by secret ballot. Also, the newly elected senators took the oath at the meeting.