President Tokayev: Kazakhstan welcomes foreign investors

President Tokayev: Kazakhstan welcomes foreign investors

The policy of open doors for foreign investments remains a strategic priority of Kazakhstan. This was stated by the Kazakh President at an extraordinary meeting of the Foreign Investors' Council. Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, once again stressed that the state will continue to fully fulfill its obligations and guarantees to partners and those who are ready to invest in the development of our economy.

“Now we understand that the January events have brought some degree of uncertainty to our investors. As such, I would like to personally bring clarity and elaborate on the further directions of our investments policy. The January crisis had no effect on our adherence to market economy, rule of law, honoring international and domestic commitments. On the contrary, it became a trigger for further improvement,” said Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, President of Kazakhstan.

According to the Head of State, today Kazakhstan is undergoing a real transformation, much like to the one the country went through in the 90s. The fundamental basis of the country’s new course will be the rule of law, which will relate to everyone without exception.

“From now on, the principal idea behind economic reforms is not the abstract figures of GDP growth and its place in global rankings, but the increase of the income and living standards of our people. Of course, this objective is not achievable without forming a new class of entrepreneurs as well as an inflow of high-quality investment. Our promise to the people and honest businesses on doing away with favoritism, special interests and entitlements of the elite, corruption and oligopolies will be implemented to the fullest extent,” stressed Kazakh President.

Translation by Ademi Serikbay

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova